The fresh graphic industrial apartment

2014 year is slowly ending and im reviewing past projects. The one i loved the most was the remodeling of this particular flat we started working on in the spring and i’m finally posting the photos of. I love how it turned out; all bright, modern, graphic and sort of industrial.
The kitchen is white and fresh with wooden counter tops to add some warmth. Inox appliances and lighting emphasise the industrial feel and the dark gray back splash gives it a graphic appeal.

How cool is this graphic rug i got at Formadoma?

The ˝wire˝ furniture is really trendy right now and these barstools i got in Kubus are just perfect!
 Originally there was only a narrow door between the kitchen and the living room and we decided to tear down the wall (a load bearing wall, yikes!) and connect the two spaces into one big modern living area. Needless to say the bar area is always crowded during parties.

The black Mooi chair and the floor lamp are from Strle Svetila and they work perfectly with the space! Id:doma cushions work perfectly with the blue velvet couch, All other accessories: Formadoma.

The couch it like a giant blue cloud you just sink in and never want to get up again. The windows used to be smaller but we tore down the wall and installed bigger panels to bring more light into the space.We wanted to keep the hallway white and fresh since it is kind of small and we wanted to make it feel bigger. The flooring is actually pvc but it is a really good imitation of stone with different shades of gray. The white shelving really stands out because of the black wall behind it.

Can you believe how awesome recycled wood furniture from RNT plus is?

 The bathroom is actually really small but we managed to make it seem much bigger by replacing the tub with a modern shower and ˝hiding˝ the washing machine and the water heater into a closet. The graphic tiling gives the bathroom that youthful playful feel.

Jagoda Jejčič makes these great graphics that fit perfectly into the graphic feel of the flat.

All photos by Anže Vrabl
Special thanks goes to:
Strle svetila, Formadoma, Kubus, RNT plus, Id:doma, Jagoda Jejčič and Peter + Jerneja + Nataša!

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