Future coworking

A (quickly made) collage of our design proposal.

 Lately, i’ve been a part of a great little project that is trying to bring the first real coworking space to my hometown. We’ve been given an abandoned bar to transform and use as we please so we got right down to business of turning a really run down space into a cool coworking office. The budget for the renovation is almost nonexistant so we had to be really creative with expenses and most of the work will have to be done by lovely volounters (future coworkers). Our goal it so create a space where people can come to work and hang out but we also want to host events, lectures, tasting events, small concerts and exhibitions. Today i’m sharing the photos of the space before the renovation and some of our plans but for the reveal of the new space we’lll all have to wait just a bit longer 😉

The space as we got it.

Beautiful, no?

Yes, i danced on the bar before taking the photo!

The plan for the new coworking space.

                   Great thanks goes to Municipality of Velenje for letting us use this great space!

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