Diverse use

Luna stool, used as hallway seating. 
wearing: bata booties, zara jeans, h&m cardigan, gap tank top, vintage necklace

 Sometimes, when borrowing objects for photo shoots i want to keep them for my personal use and that is exactly what happened with this awesome Luna stool. Being super short, i have troubles reaching the stuff stored on top shelves (or kissing my tall boyfriend, haha) and Luna really comes in handy on daily basis! After a while i found myself using it for more and more different functions and it is without a doubt a really diverse furniture piece. Made out of solid natural wood it is available in three shades with rounded white edges. It’s modern shape and usefulness make it a must have piece for any dynamic home!
Luna stool, used to help me reach my gin. 
wearing: asos trousers, random top

Luna stool, used as a side table.
wearing: palmers pajama pants, random tank top, h&m cardigan + slippers, vintage necklace

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