On how we turned a bedroom into a bathroom

The original bathroom in this 60ies house was just about 7 square meters big so when we were remodeling we decided to turn one of the bedrooms into a bathroom (which we turned into every woman’s dream; a walk in closet). I really wish we had taken some ‘before’ pictures but the project went by so fast we completely forgot. We wanted the space to have a clean, modern vibe so we stuck to white/black/gray combination and spiced it up with some colorful accesories. The room has an unusualy large window (for a bathroom) which we covered with a playful curtain to add some privacy. Also, i just love the monstera plant! In the hot and moist bathroom atmosphere it is growing wildly plus it ads a bit of a jungle fever to the space!

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    L I D A
    September 11, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Ful lepa keramika!!! Bravo Nina, stanovanje je super!

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