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Last year, i had the pleasure of remodeling a single family house into two separate flats. Due to an awful layout of the original late 60ies house and a limited budget it was quite a tricky project but working with great clients made up for everything. We divided the house into two units, built a new entry for the upper unit, moved the original kitchen into the bottom unit, installed the new kitchen, turned a bedroom into a bathroom and the bathroom into a walk in closet. The office became a master bedroom plus we tore down one of the walls to make the bottom unit living area bigger. As you can imagine it was a pretty big project and the reason we haven’t taken any proper photos is that it is actually still ongoing. The bottom unit is finished but the upper ‘neighbour’ is not satisfied yet. So we’re scouting for more artwork and vintage pieces to fill this huge living area and make it look more layered and less ‘ikea’. Today, i’m sharing some photos of the cosy sitting room, but please keep in mind it’s not quite perfect yet 😉

The boos, Garny.
The living area consists of a double height dining room and two niches in which we positioned the the kitchen and the sitting area. 

Can you believe this tray is actually an upcycled bathroom mirror? 
We wanted to create a cosy, intimate atmosphere by choosing a huge light sofa and offset it’s modern form with two classic Rex chairs. The Ikea ‘Lack’ coffee table is just a temporary solution until we find the perfect round one. 
Art really is the soul of this home!

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