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On my imaginary shopping sprees i come across many cool pieces of vintage furniture. And then, since i have no place to store them, feel bad for not being able to buy them. Therefore i have decided to start sharing my finds with you, my dear readers! Aaand in an addition to that i’m going to share tips on how to style the pieces and make them work for your own home.
The first piece i’m sharing is this awesome wicker and python skin chair. It is only available to my Slovenian readers but im sure something similar can be found on Craigslist. The photo is pretty crappy but in spite of it i can see the potential of this awesome chair!  You can use it the way it is or maybe paint it white of any other colour that suits your space. I think it would fit perfectly into a hallway or even look great in the living room.
Second hand wicker and python skin chair, get it HERE for only 190€. 
These so called peacock chairs were really popular in the twentieth century – until the seventies – and favoured by many celebrities (and Morticia Adams!). They only made a come back in the last couple of years and now you can see them anywhere from magazine covers to reality shows. The name is no accident;  the woven shape of the chair resembles the peacock and, like the animal, wants t be shown off. You can buy them in most online furniture stores with prices starting at about 300€ and going up to 900€ so at 190€ this second hand one really is a steal ! But you must be quick, my dear readers! You only have two more weeks to buy it before the add expires 😉
Here’s and idea how to style your hallway in a sort of scandinavian – tropical way:
Hallway, the aztec – maroccan mix:
The brown tones of the chair blend so well into a beige indian inspired theme:
And for some more styling ideas:
Photos: here, here, here


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