Bedroom stories

Me writing this article about displaying scarves as paintings was no coincidence… at that particular time, my rare vintage Hermes scarf was at the framer, being placed inside a lovely golden frame. Now, it is finally gracing my bedroom wall and i’m happy to look at it every morning when i wake up. 
Otherwise, the bedroom is very bright and filled with an eclectic mix of vintage and girly pieces. The nightstand was a part of my grandomothers dowry and even though it has seen better times i’m to emotionally attached to it to exchange it for a new one. The room is illuminated by two of my signature lamps: the paper chandelier and the golden table lamp.
  I’ve had this ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ wall decoration since i was 16 years old. My aunt bought it for me on a family trip to Kelowna, Canada and aside from making my heart warm, it reminds to plan ahead! Also, what i can’t go to sleep without are my moisturizers and reading material. What you see serving as a coaster for the little vase (or on most nights a glass of water) is in reality a tiling sample I brought back from a trip to Italy. 

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