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DIY :: marble storage boxes

Marble IS the material of 2014, we’ve seen it pup up everywhere and i fell in love, hard! Of course, my budget won’t allow me to change the kitchen countertop but that didn’t stop me from adding some marble to my living space. I especially love the combination of marble and copper/wood so i wanted to incorporate that into my little project of upgrading the storage boxes. 
What i used for this project is some boxes, marbled contact paper (i bought mine at 1,98€ per m in Merkur hardware store), some copper piping leftovers (hardware store is the perfect source), wooden balls (arts and crafts store), scissors, ruler, stanley knife, sewing needle and some thread

Start by measuring and cutting the contact paper into the right size and shape to cover the entire outside of the box. 

Then wrap the enire box carefully, pressing the paper with hands and smoothing it with ruller. Cut and overlap the paper over the edges to make them nice and round.

Repeat the process on the bottom part of the box. 
When i finished wrapping i decided to add the embelishments so i simply sewed them onto the top of the box.
And voila, my letters, washi tapes and extra door knobs now have nice new boxes to live in! 
And they fit onto my monochrome shelves oh-so-well, don’t you think?

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    Soul Fishing
    May 16, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    O, hudo! Ful de best post! Mi je dal malo navdiha;)


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