Alexander Wang, photographed for Harper’s Bazaar, sitting in Maurizio Galante’s ‘marble’ chair.

Amongst the biggest emerging trends seems to be marble, the luxurious rock that has thorough time become a symbol of tradition and refined taste. It’s extremely varied in colors and patterns but the only acceptable version for 2014 seems to be the white and black mixture. For interiors it is usually emphasised with wood and copper or brass elements. With that, it was given a new life, softer and less cold as we have known it to be. The good new is that if we can’t afford the real deal there are ways to ‘cheat’ with marble print ceramics, wallpapers, fabrics and printed vinyl film so the trend is really accessiable to anyone. With a little help of Alexander Wang and his Balenciaga debut line the marble trend translated into fashion and now we can easily dress to match that new counter top. 

collage: made by me
photos: pinterest, random, love aesthetics

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