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Filming of the show in Primo┼ż Jeza‘s studio.
I spent the summer of 2012 filming one of those remodeling tv shows. The episodes have finally aired and therefore i can share the results of our work with the world. The whole process of doing a tv show was a priceless learning experience and i’m super grateful to be chosen to participate in it. I have to admit the end results of all of the rooms we remodeled is not something to brag about, partly because of mind numbingly low budgets and partly because of bad organization. I collaborated as an architect/designer and here,
 i’m sharing the project that is dearest to me, a room for two teenagers in the very center of Ljubljana. 
This is how the room looked before. It was very spacious, filled with old furniture of different eras and some shabby old sofas. The one thing i fell inlove with was a mustard yellow vintage armchair we decided to make a center feature of our design. 
Limited by the budget, we couldnt really afford to buy any new furniture so we decided to ‘hide’ most of the old dark closets with crisp white courtains. We also used courtains to devide the room for when the siblings want some privacy from one another. The boy was previousely sleeping on a sofa, so we had a new folding bed installed. The folding bed and the courtains provide many different backdrops for a variety of activities since the boy uses this room not only as a bedroom but also as an office space and the girl sometimes uses it as a dance studio.  
We spent 7 hours making this giant paper chandelier! We wanted to make it super big because we were working with a high space and wanted to emphasize its size. This kind of a chandelier is a really cheap yet effective way to add something new to your space, you can make the paper strips shorter if you don’t have the luxury of the high ceiling or use a different color if white is to plain for you. 
 Mateja, having her hair and make up done for the filming

 The crew

Svetlana, the hardest working director ever and our host, Melita

the room, pretending to be an office. The bed is folded and the bottom part is being used as bookshelfs. 
I love the vintage trunks we decided to paint white and use as a coffee table.

left – the room while the courtains are drawn 
right –  for the girl’s bed we had her favourite band, The Clash, printed onto her bedspread.

the boy’s side of the room with two diferent scenarios of use, working and sleeping.

If you feel like watching the entire show you can do that by clicking HERE ­čÖé

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