V čast današnjemu dnevu upora proti okupatorju oziroma dnevu OF objavljam modni editorial,  ki ga je navdihnila Jovanka Broz. Živeli prazniki in živela moda!

I first became fascinated with Jovanka Broz last summer during my visit to Tito’s mausoleum in Belgrade. There I bought a modern fashion magazine inspired by Tito, the partisans  and socialist Yugoslavia. While flipping through I completely fell in love with the following fashion editorial: 

The editorial is called Jovanka Broz, shot by Marko Sovilj and it is inspired by her sense of style and elegance. I love the oldfashioned look of the photos,  they sort of give an insight into her ‘private’ life and have some sort of melancholic feel to them. I later read a lot of articles about her and she is a fascinating, beautiful woman with a very interesting life story….

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