VV girls

We’ve been spending most of our days in Gvant’s storage space choosing pieces for the Vintage Vikend event…and we gotta say the pieces are amazing! There is so much oooing and aaaaing + trying most of them on it’s taking us much longer than we thought it will. The other problem is that we want most of the garments for ourselves so we have to physically stop one another from buying them in bulks. Maybe there will be some left for you guys…..if we can restrain ourselves for another couple of days 😉
The funny thing is that we each have completely different sense of aesthetic . Apart from the ‘arguing’ if the garments are VV worthy, there’s a good side to that – it enables us to choose a big variety of styles and shapes. Let me show you what i mean:

Lida is a fan of muted colors, timeless garments, and nothing too in-your-face. Her style is rafined, simple and very Italian:

Eva likes tailored pieces, mixtures between masculine and feminine, bold shoes and simple jewellery:
And me? I’m the one who loves kitschy pieces, big bling, high heels, short skirts and anything (stupid) fun. But u knew this already 😉

Unfortunately there are no photo records of Tjaša’s (our 4th companion) outfits but let me guarantee she has great sense of style as well….

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