fashion break

We were super lucky to get an opportunity to show our work among seriously talented young designers of Slovenia, Croatia and BiH! I mean – for real- people, who actually make their living designing clothes…and us, silly girls, doing it for the sake of it. The least i can say is that i was honoured! The whole show was skillfully ran by Ana Lazovski, who did an amazing job with make up and coordinating the whole thing!

My designs are the best representation of my aesthetic on my shows so far. With Kix’n’Fix and Maremake collections i was struggling to express my designer self. By now i have faced it…my aesthetic is all about simple lines and volumes, which are enhanced by choice of quirky materials, eclectic details or contrast in volumes.

design: Nina

design: Nena

the venue

all of the designers…and the two of us 😉

I gotta say i loved what other designers did… but if i gotta play favorties i must say i fell in love with Ivan Rocco and his Perfect Jacket:

Here shown on a model.

and here shown on humble me….i think i will buy it when/if i ever get payed at my stupid job

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