Zaha Hadid’s Plastic Dream

I’ve been a fan of Melissa shoes ever since i first saw them on my friend Barbara’s feet. In Slovenia, i’ve never seen such shoes but she got them directly from Brasil. Of course, i instantly fell inlove with the plastic material, cool design and the smell(!?! yeah, Melissa shoes smell of roses) so naturally i had to get a pair of my own.

But my regular magenta pink-smelling of strawberries-ballet pumps can not compare to this version…designed byTHE Architect Zaha Hadid!
Being a student of architecture i can not get more excited about them! I am not actually a fan of Hadid’s architecture but i gotta say i admire her imagination! The images that are created in her brain are so spectacular and unbelivable it is hard to comprehend. And the best part about it is that she is actually able to get those images on paper and reality! There is a lot of people with great ideas but most are incapable of translating them for the rest of the world to understand.

And also: she proves that there is hope for architects not to be limited to only creating buildings(and furniture and such).

Now all is left for me to do is to figure out a way to buy these shoes while not spending a fortune on shipping.

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